[tslib] Consulting Services needed for implementing tslib on linux embedded ARM

Martin Kepplinger martink at posteo.de
Tue May 16 00:14:37 PDT 2017

Am 15.05.2017 19:26 schrieb sam sidhom:
> Good afternoon,
> We are looking for a consultant that can help our development team
> implement and (more importantly) fine tune tslib on a new project that
> we are developing.
> Specifically, we have tslib running on our development environment but
> are having issues implementing tslib correctly. The two main issues
> that we are seeing is that the filters are not loading (i.e. iir,
> pressure offset, pthres, and skip) and that touch events are inverted.
> When running ts_calibrate, the calibrating is picking up noise and
> actuating the first two crosshair events without touching the screen.
> Running ts_test draw works fairly well in that it draws without the
> touch events being inverted - but I can see ADC noise causing lighter
> touch events when the touch is not being actuated.

That really sounds like broken hardware. While tslib can probably apply
filters to make it usable, it shouldn't be that bad. ts_calibrate takes 
without filters. If you can't use that, your device is broken.

Seriously, coordinates may be inverted, but if you can't "Tap", buy a 

> Here is a summary of our hardware:
> 	* Processor / SOM is the TI Sitara AM335 using Variscite's SOM AM33
> -http://www.variscite.com/products/system-on-module-som/cortex-a8/var-som-am33-cpu-ti-am335x-am3354-am3352
> [1]
> 	* 4 Wire Resistive 7" Touch Screen -
> http://www.newhavendisplay.com/nhd70800480efasxvt-p-9499.html [2]
> 	* Linux Embedded Kernel 4.1
> 	* GCC 4.9.2
> 	* tslib v1.1

This is a 4 years old version of tslib, that doesn't include the "iir" 
filter for example, so there's
some inconsistency in your report. And I can't give any more detailed 
help on this version.
Why not update?



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