[tslib] tslib 1.11 cycle starts

Martin Kepplinger martin.kepplinger at ginzinger.com
Fri May 12 02:43:58 PDT 2017

tslib 1.10 is out and pushed to distributors. For 3rd party applications
this is probably the most important release, as they have a stable API
to add multitouch support without breaking users of old versions of tslib.

here's my personal TODO list for 1.11:
* static building without libdl should work and distributors should get
that option.

* implement screen rotation for graphical applications via the
ts_option() API

* a bonus would be to spend some time on the sdl2 branch, but that won't
be merged for 1.11 even remotely, if I'm the only one working on it.

I'm sure *something* else will come up in the meantime, but if the plan
roughly stands, tslib 1.11 will ship with libts.so.0.7.1.

all bugreports, test reports and help on issues is welcome.

so long


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