[tslib] plans for 1.9

Martin Kepplinger martink at posteo.de
Fri Mar 24 10:41:10 PDT 2017

the mailing list is up. yay.

Release early, release fast during the last couple of months. I'm quite
happy with version 1.8 now.

As long as no critical bugs show up, I currently don't see the need to
do a release. For 1.9, with I hope will have libts.so.0.5.1 I'd like to

* improve tests/ts_verify
* have someone to run ts_test_mt with an eGalax model 210 using
  "module_raw input"
* run everything well on arm64
* use stdint types at least in critical places
* improve the variance filter's read_mt(). see if we can batch-read
  all samples.
* median filter: maybe malloc instead of using arrays on the stack
* remove linux dependencies in ts_print_mt?

And I plan to freeze the master branch at least 1 or 2 weeks before
doing a release.

happy hacking!


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