Booking status

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Mon May 19 07:52:20 EDT 2008

On Mon, 2008-05-19 at 07:31 -0400, Jes Sorensen wrote:
> >>>>> "David" == David Woodhouse <dwmw2 at> writes:
> David> On Wed, 2008-05-07 at 09:31 -0400, John W. Linville wrote:
> >> I'm probably just a single.  Did you say I could paypal the funds
> >> to someone?
> David> I believe Jes will accept funds by paypal and pass them on to
> David> me -- although I think paypal charge him a 3-4% commission.
> Yes, I'll take paypal payments to Jes.Sorensen at but you have
> to add a 3.4% fee on top of it which is what the paypal crooks charge
> the recipient.
> David> Alternatively, talk to msw/ewt. They're also trying to work out
> David> how to send money from the US, and maybe you could do it all in
> David> one
> This is probably the smartest way for US people to handle this. Just
> keep in mind that if you want to paypal the money to eachother, you
> will run into problems once the person collecting it hits ~$1000. I'll
> refrain from giving you my detailed opinion of paypal here :-(

I have deposits from msw, ewt and linville now.

In fact, once the threatened payments from Ralf and Thiemo arrive, I'll
have as many deposits as I have rooms booked. Although at this point
it's still relatively easy to book more rooms. Wouldn't mind doing that
ASAP though.

I have the following deposits:

Matt Wilson		€50
 +1			€50
Erik Troan		€50
Brigid Troan		€50
Johannes Berg		€100
Friederike		€100
Carsten Otte		€55
Olga			€55 (Carsten, the second payment didn't arrive)
Lennert Buytenhek	€100
Marija Buytenhek	€100
David Howells		€100
Jes Sørensen		€165.70
David Woodhouse		N/A
Michael Hanselmann	€100
John Linville		€100

Of those, I only have next of kin details for ewt and hansmi. I do need
to know who to call if we break you; especially since msw is coming
again this time.


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