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Jes Sorensen jes at
Thu Mar 1 08:32:44 EST 2007

Michael Hanselmann wrote:
>> Would it make more sense for you to catch the bus coming down from
>> Germany in Basel or are you closer to Geneva?
> Basel is 3-3.5 hours by train from where I live. Catching you at the
> Geneva airport would take less time, as I can be there within 5 hours.
> I'll wait for you and the others to decide whether you take the bus or
> car.

I see, being at the other end of the country, I always have this idea
that Basel/Zurich and all the German speaking parts are right next to
eachother :-)

>> I got the timetables from Geneva airport to most of the resorts ... this
>> one is one of the easiest ones to get to. I picked this one for a reason
>> .... ok, being honest, I picked it because I like the skiing there, the
>> transport part was sheer luck :-)
> It was just a general comment about public transportation quality in
> some areas, not to criticise you. The ski-region looks fine, just the
> public transportation there doesn't.

No worries, I didn't take it negatively. Actually I found it quite funny
the resort was picked at random but still seems to be one of the easiest
to access.


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