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Jes Sorensen jes at
Thu Mar 1 05:00:33 EST 2007

Michael Hanselmann wrote:
> In case there's a free bed, I would like to visit for a night or two.
> Which days that would be doesn't matter that much for me, as my current
> work is flexible.

Hi Michael,

I think we can pretty much guarantee that we can find a spare bed (or
maybe a bathtub :-) for you to sleep in. That shouldn't be a problem.

> At what time would you leave Geneva on Saturday, March 10? I could be at
> the airport by train around 13:30 CET. Another possibility would be to
> join Matt on Sunday morning, but I'd have to look for accommodation
> first. Please tell me what you'd prefer from an organizational
> standpoint.

Not sure whats most convenient to you. Where are you in Switzerland?
Would it make more sense for you to catch the bus coming down from
Germany in Basel or are you closer to Geneva?

If we take the car option it's probably smarter to meet up with Matt
on Sunday, but if we go on the bus Saturday could work too. If we only
take the 14:15 bus though we won't be there until 16:10 which means we
won't manage much in terms of ski hire that day, but it could work.

> One might think that such a resort is easy to reach by public transport,
> but as it seems as if it isn't.

I got the timetables from Geneva airport to most of the resorts ... this
one is one of the easiest ones to get to. I picked this one for a reason
.... ok, being honest, I picked it because I like the skiing there, the
transport part was sheer luck :-)


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