[Pcsclite-muscle] Alcor Micro AU9520 not recognized by libccid 1.4.31

zeroconf zeroconf at zeroconf.ee
Thu Nov 5 15:33:33 EST 2020


> Don't know, what had effect but now after computer restart already ~30
> minutes (and continuing) I still see:
> $ watch opensc-tool --list-readers
> Every 2,0s: opensc-tool --list-readers
>                   MS-7596: Thu Nov  5 18:02:08 2020
> # Detected readers (pcsc)
> Nr.  Card  Features  Name
> 0    Yes             Alcor Micro AU9520 00 00

Have to admit that even this joy remained short. Using 1 minute delay
for pcscd service was not enough on the next reboot, increased it to 2
min - still not enough, then 3 minutes. Then did 3 reboots - all the
time worked but on 4th time did not. Then increased to 4min and then 5
min - still did not work anymore. Seems like a gamble, when it starts
working again. Later did not succeed to recognize the card reader

I used in one terminal window, to see pcscd service status (after
every 2 seconds):
watch systemctl status pcscd.service

... in another window, to see identified smart card reader(s) (after
every 2 seconds):
watch opensc-tool --list-readers

... yet another window, to see certificates on ID-card - if shows,
then can read data from smart card (after every 2 seconds):
watch pkcs15-tool --list-certificates

When the timer started pcscd service, also opensc-tool recognized card
reader. Then journalctl -u pcscd showed cleanly, that service started
and no errors. When I was out of luck, the pcscd service was still
started but in log were the same errors I already have been sent and
the card reader was not recognized.

Now the question is: did you find anything from log files, that
explains that behaviour and you can fix it some day. Or there is
nothing to do. Even the computer went to the user, it is not far from
me and basically it is possible to take that reader out from the
computer and investigate further. Don't have such a computer, where it
fits into, but possibly I can find some kind of solution to still test
it. I have no information about the age of that computer but that's
for sure, that is several years. But still I'm curious, what comes out
from log files and what can be done there.
Thank you!

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