[Pcsclite-muscle] Alcor Micro AU9520 not recognized by libccid 1.4.31

zeroconf zeroconf at zeroconf.ee
Thu Nov 5 11:20:58 EST 2020


> > Maybe a delay is needed for the reader to boot or something like that.
> Created a delay for pcscd service:
> I guess even I restart PC, the card reader won't work either:
> $ opensc-tool --list-readers
> No smart card readers found.

Don't know, what had effect but now after computer restart already ~30
minutes (and continuing) I still see:
$ watch opensc-tool --list-readers
Every 2,0s: opensc-tool --list-readers
                  MS-7596: Thu Nov  5 18:02:08 2020
# Detected readers (pcsc)
Nr.  Card  Features  Name
0    Yes             Alcor Micro AU9520 00 00

> > Install the package libpcsclite-dev and try again.
> Well, installed and even libusb-dev but still:
> $ ./configure
> configure: error: libusb.h not found, install libusb or use
> ./configure LIBUSB_CFLAGS=...

Even I couldn't compile newest 1.4.33 version of ccid, I have actually
it installed by using Ubuntu 20.10 Groovy package. Listing required
dev packages at https://ccid.apdu.fr/#CCID_compliant would be still
appreciated to facilitate compiling.

In addition, as the PC goes away for people to work, I quickly
disassembled the Alcor Micro AU9520 and made some pictures outside and
inside about the hardware - http://u.pc.cd/FqsctalK - hopefully gives
it a glue, what kind of hardware it is.

You mentioned before, that you have 3 devices with same VendorID & ProductID:
- https://ccid.apdu.fr/ccid/supported.html#0x058F0x9520
- https://ccid.apdu.fr/ccid/shouldwork.html#0x058F0x9520
- https://ccid.apdu.fr/ccid/shouldwork.html#0x058F0x9520_1

For me it seems, that this device is the first one (internal I guess),
that has no picture. Perhaps are my pictures suitable to use - feel
free to do so.

Also there was a bit dust inside the device, which I blowed away,
while disassembled. Who knows, what helped - perhaps all together.
Anyway, currently I keep my breath - how long the device will work
(survive over restarts, etc)... Also DigiDoc software recognizes the
smart card, in Firefox tested authentication and digital signing - all
First time when upgrading packages gave an effect in case of that device...
Thank you!

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