[Pcsclite-muscle] Difference from Windows' implementation with regard to PC/SC shared mode

Maksim Ivanov emaxx
Mon Oct 17 10:26:07 PDT 2016


It seems that there's a difference between the PC/SC-Lite behavior and
the behavior of the Windows' implementation in the following scenario:

1. One thread obtains an hCard with SCARD_SHARE_SHARED.

2. This thread calls then SCardBeginTransaction with this hCard.

3. Another thread in the same application tries to obtain a new hCard
to the same card with SCARD_SHARE_SHARED.

Under Windows step #3 finishes successfully.
PC/SC-Lite, however, seems to block all new connections to the card
(even in the shared mode) until the previously started transaction

Not sure whether this can be considered as a bug. It seems that there
are no guarantees about this use case in the PC/SC specification.

But even if this is not considered as a bug by the maintainers, it
would be good to cover this detail in the corresponding "Known
differences" list:


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