Local site visit requested

Alan Cox alan at lxorguk.ukuu.org.uk
Thu Sep 28 11:31:46 EDT 2006

        ¹ The exception being the railway station, which is a few miles
        south down Hills Road -- if you zoom out, you'll see the railway
        line. Allegedly because the University wouldn't have one of
        those "new-fangled things" in _their_ town, although I'm not how
        much truth there is in that.
Its a myth I'm afraid just like the claim its the longest platform. It
is where it is for sound engineering reasons. The things the university
did achieve was that the original railway act for Cambridge are almost
as good as that story however

They prohibited arrivals between 10am and 5pm on Sundays. (except when
the train was running late)

They also permitted university officials to identify and order any
member of the university except those with a Master of Arts, Bachelor of
Medicine or Civil Law degree not to be carried for a period of 24 hours
even if a fare had been paid.

Both have since been repealed...

The station btw isn't an inconvenient distance and there is good public
transport so its not a problem for visiting.


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