Local site visit requested

Theodore Ts'o tytso at mit.edu
Tue Sep 26 00:52:37 EDT 2006

To those of you who are local to Cambridge:

	What we need at this point is for someone to please visit the
local sites --- which at this point looks like it is the DeVere and the
Corn Exchange --- and take a quick look at the actual room(s) and talk
to the local folks to confirm the numbers we have and to make sure there
are no surprises before we sign contracts.  If there are other
possibilities (such as Wesley Church, large examination halls, etc.)
that folks want us to consider, it becomes even more critical that we
get someone to go on site, eyeball the room, and gather all of the
critical pieces of data: cost, what is and isn't included, what the
catering costs/restrictions might be, etc.   

	Is there anyone who can volunteer to go and do this at least for
DeVere and the Corn Exchange, before the end of this week, and give us a
report?   We will need to release rooms that we are tentatively holding
in Ottawa by the end of this week, which is why it's important that we
get an on-site report by then so we can make the decision to commit to
Cambridge for next year.


						- Ted

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