Coming to closure on the Cambridge Venue...

Theodore Ts'o tytso at
Thu Sep 21 09:00:21 EDT 2006

OK, we really need to come to closure on the Cambridge Venue soon --- by
early next week.   In order to do that, there are two things that we
need to decide in the next day or so:

*) The exact choice of venue --- it sounds like the DeVere University
 Arms is doable, although the room may be a bit cramped than what we
 have been used to at Ottawa.  If someone knows of a better site for the
 actual meeting itself, or knows of some fatal flaw to holding next
 year's kernel summit at DeVere, we need to know by Friday (tomorrow!).

*) I need 2 to 4 people to be a local "host committee" (with someone
 wiling to chair said committee) that can help us identify recommended
 lodging close to the meeting site (espceially if as it seems likely,
 the meeting location is negotiated separately from the lodging
 accomodations, as would be the case at DeVere), recommend restaurants,
 and do other things locally so we don't have to fly Cat out to
 Cambridge to run errands or negotiate with local establishments.
 (Although I'm sure Cat wouldn't complain if that turned out to be
 necessary.  :-)

Thanks, regards,

						- Ted

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