[OpenWrt-Devel] [PATCH] treewide: add Generic subtarget if missing

Paul Spooren mail at aparcar.org
Sun Sep 15 06:49:32 EDT 2019

> What you suggest is about what we have right now. This kind of creates a misleading situation where for some targets subtargets are present, while for others paths and image names are "fixed" in several places to include a "generic". The reason for Paul's patch was to get rid of the fixes at individual places (which was/is applied somewhat inconsistently) by just making all targets apply to the same logic (i.e. that there is at least one subtarget).
> So, the empty files are introduced to make the process of building and creating images afterwards simpler (to follow/understand).
> I was suffering from the same problem when I dealt with OpenWrt-derived firmware, where I suddenly encountered a target without subtargets and had to implement extra code to work around that.
> However, I also wondered whether one couldn't code around the necessity of the empty file, and just add the SUBTARGET/SUBTARGETS variables here...

Thanks for commenting, that's very much my point!

Maybe the easiest solution is to add `SUBTARGET ?= generic` to 
include/image.mk instead of introducing empty files. Will try that tomorrow.


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