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> On Fri, 23 Aug 2019 at 11:04, Paul Spooren <mail at aparcar.org> wrote:
> > As in 853e4dd OpenWrt should follow a unified structure, where every
> > device has a target/subtarget combination, if there is only one
> > subtarget, call it "Generic". This introduces predictable filenames.
> If it's about (I assume generated) filenames, wouldn't it be easier to just use
> "Generic" for the subtarget part of the filename if there are no subtargets?
> I'm not really a fan of unnecessary code fluff without any real function,
> especially if it means additional, mainly empty files.

What you suggest is about what we have right now. This kind of creates a misleading situation where for some targets subtargets are present, while for others paths and image names are "fixed" in several places to include a "generic". The reason for Paul's patch was to get rid of the fixes at individual places (which was/is applied somewhat inconsistently) by just making all targets apply to the same logic (i.e. that there is at least one subtarget).
So, the empty files are introduced to make the process of building and creating images afterwards simpler (to follow/understand).

I was suffering from the same problem when I dealt with OpenWrt-derived firmware, where I suddenly encountered a target without subtargets and had to implement extra code to work around that.

However, I also wondered whether one couldn't code around the necessity of the empty file, and just add the SUBTARGET/SUBTARGETS variables here...



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