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> On 03 Oct 2015, at 03:00, openwrt-devel-request at lists.openwrt.org wrote:
>> For #2,  I can write the wiki page, though it is would be complicated.
>> HiWiFi provides an "official" way to unlock the U-Boot now, at the cost of
>> voiding warranty.  However, you have to follow a procedure which requires a
>> Chinese cellphone number, and a WeChat(a whatsapp clone app) account.
>> Understanding of Chinese is also a requirement.  Anyway, since HiWiFi
>> routers are sold in Chinese market only, I believe it won't be a big problem
>> for non-Chinese users.....
> There are dozen ways to have devices for CN market in other parts of
> the the world.
> If there is no easier/ready way to switch from official firmware to
> OpenWrt on those devices, I'm not convinced about keeping official
> support for them in OpenWrt repository, but it's just mine opinion.
Sorry, but it's not completely truth. I own this device while i living in Moscow, Russia.
I didn't knew Chinese, but i successfully unlocked device by using WeChat support, speaking English.
Chinese mobile number was not mandatory for me, support engineer unlocked dev mode for me easily.
I think it's okay to have official openwrt support for this device and it's much better than using average quality patch from external repository.
So please don't remove official support.
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