Spare parts

Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at
Thu Jun 6 09:49:39 EDT 2013

On Sat, 2007-09-01 at 00:09 -0400, François Jacques wrote: 
> Folks,
> My Netwinder NICs are kaput, or at least it seems to (even while sniffing
> all network traffic). In all cases, I no longer have time or will to persue
> any further hacking with my NetWinder. It has been fun, but all good things
> in life have an end...
> I know some of you folks have windies in good health and have no reason to
> throw them away. You might be interested in spare parts. Or hard to find
> Centon Electronics 128M memory sticks. I live in the Montreal area. If
> anyone is interested by the parts and willing travel to Montreal from time
> to time, let me know asap. 
> In the next week, if I haven't got any feedback of any sort regarding these
> parts, they will be thrown away.
> Kind regards,
> François Jacques
> Ex-Corel Computer Employee (Coop - Corel Desktop team), and proud owner of a

Oh for crying out loud, I only NOW see this message. I would have paid
advance shipping for one of the Centon sticks…

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