Anyone looking for an old netwinder?

Christopher Bray chris at
Sat Apr 14 12:31:15 EDT 2007

Hi, There.

After doing a quick search on the net, it didn't look like there was a huge
community for the Netwinders, so I thought I'd send a quick mail here to see
what happens.

I have an original series Netwinder with the ARM processor.  Had the thing
since new, but haven't even had it plugged in for years now.  Nice little
box, but underpowered and only a 4 GB disk made it of limited use for me.  I
think originally there weren't even different hardware models, just
different software, but it's so old I forget most of what I knew about it.

Anyway, I've come to the decision that there's no point in me keeping it.
However, before I simply hand it over to the recycling depot, I thought I'd
see if anyone had any interest in taking the little darling (what can I say,
I always had high hope for the little bugger).

If anyone wants it, or knows someone who might want it (or another community
where I could re-iterate this message) you can have it for the price of
shipping.  I want to wipe the hard drive just in case I left any data on
there, but otherwise it's pretty much mint (minus a little dust).

If nobody takes an interest in the next couple weeks, this elderly Netwinder
will be put out to pasture.


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