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Daniel Gimpelevich daniel at gimpelevich.san-francisco.ca.us
Sun Apr 2 15:02:16 EDT 2006

I had some sound problems, but they were very different from yours. 
Since I have not yet tried a 2.6 kernel on it, I'm guessing that may 
have a lot to do with it. In my experience, OSS drivers cause no end of 
problems under 2.6 kernels. A quick&dirty port of the driver to ALSA 
would probably improve at least something. Anyway, is the driver 
compiled into your kernel, or a module? If a module, which mechanism 
are you using to load it?
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On Apr 2, 2006, at 11:07 AM, Jamie Guinan wrote:

> Hi!
> Glad to see netwinder.org up and alive again, I hadn't bothered
> to look in ages.
> My trusty NW is still doing firewall duty (since 1999).
> But one problem I'm having is with the sound driver.  Maybe 50% of the
> time it plays white noise instead of clean audio.  Here's my test,
>   # while true; do bplay donk.wav ; sleep 0.5; done
> And here's a recording from about 1ft away, and a copy of donk.wav,
>   http://www.bluebutton.com/misc/buggysound.ogg
>   http://www.bluebutton.com/misc/donk.wav
> I have a little program where I'd like to play donk.wav whenever a
> packet is dropped by the firewall, but the white noise is like
> fingernails on a chalkboard.  :)
> I'm running gentoo, with a vanilla 2.6.16 kernel, cross-compiled with
> gcc 3.4.5.  My board info from /proc/cpuinfo,
> Hardware        : Rebel-NetWinder
> Revision        : 51ff
> Serial          : 0000000000000757
> Has anyone experienced sound problems like this?
> Thanks,
> -Jamie
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