garbled screen with RPI4 on 5.10-rc2

Lucas Nussbaum lucas at
Thu Dec 3 11:00:07 EST 2020

Hi Maxime,

On 03/12/20 at 16:34 +0100, Maxime Ripard wrote:
> > I built a kernel using the 5.10.0-rc2 tarball.
> > I put /boot and /lib/modules at
> > so you can
> > untar this on your machine and (hopefully) reproduce the problem.
> Sorry this took a bit of time
> I downloaded that kernel, dropped it on my SD card and updated
> config.txt to point at the new kernel and initramfs image. However,
> unlike the 5.9 kernel, it doesn't seem to boot at all: there's nothing
> on the UART or the HDMI output.
> Did you update the archive since your mail, or does it ring any bell?

No, I did not update the archive. Did you copy the dtb files as well?
I assume you compared config.txt and cmdline.txt with mine?


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