Extreme moderation delays

Vincent Sanders vince at kyllikki.org
Tue Nov 21 02:38:44 PST 2017

On Fri, Nov 17, 2017 at 08:06:53PM +0000, Phil Elwell wrote:
> I (presumably like many others) have just received an email nearly 10 days after it was
> originally submitted to this list, long after most of the discussion has occurred
> between people directly included in the original CC list.
> Who is moderating this list, and why do we need moderation when other lists seem

That would be me.

I moderate several smaller ARM related lists including this one and
have done for many years. The moderation traps catch about 1 in 1,000
valid messages to these low volume lists and about 100 spam and
phishing mails in the same time.

> to manage without it? Since the trigger for moderation seems to be including

Alas many lists have a much larger subscription base and are
administered by people with much more paid for time. I do it in my
spare time and when I attend conferences I tend to get behind on
moderation duties (I have been in Prague recently for example) 

> more than a certain number of email addresses, shouldn't the threshold be
> increased since it is so frequently legitimately crossed?

It is already at a large value and is a compromise between increasing
the spam and phishing mails reaching the subscribers and the odd mail
being delayed (unfortunately threads copied to many maintainers tend
to all get caught)

If there is a consensus a moderated list is not beneficial I will
gladly stop providing the service and someone else can make
alternative arrangements for a new list.

> Regards,
> Phil
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Regards Vincent

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