broken edid

Eric Anholt eric at
Tue Mar 21 11:15:43 PDT 2017

Gerd Hoffmann <kraxel at> writes:

>   Hi,
> Apparently something corrupted the hdmi edid of the monitor I've hooked
> up to the rpi3.  So the firmware comes up in some low res instead of
> 1920x1080, and vc4 complains and refuses to display anything.
> Tried to fix the edid.  Reading (via /dev/i2c-2) works.  Writing fails
> with an io error though, there is even a message in the kernel log
> (i2c-bcm2835 3f805000.i2c: i2c transfer failed: 100).  I'm using
>  4.9.16 kernel.  Ideas anyone?
> Failing that, is there some way to force vc4 into driving hdmi at
> 1920x1080?

Not sure about edid-rw, I've never tried it. instructions
might help for workarounds, though.
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