[PATCH] bcm2835-v4l2: Fix buffer overflow problem

Stefan Wahren stefan.wahren at i2se.com
Wed Mar 15 10:20:13 PDT 2017

Hi Dave,

Am 15.03.2017 um 16:32 schrieb Dave Stevenson:
> Full description:
> mmal_vchiq is reimplementing parts of the userside MMAL library in kernel space.
> The expected behaviour of port_parameter_get is that it takes the size
> of storage for the parameter value, and returns the amount actually
> used. If the storage is too small, it returns error and the size
> required.
> Before this patch it wasn't updating size on success and was returning
> required size+8 on error. Double whammy.
> With this patch it is still not updating size on success, but is
> returning the required size correctly on error.
> The full fix for both paths obsoletes this patch, and came out of
> Michael asking for me to get the change reviewed internally.
> You've got a reason. It's GPLv2 licenced code so I have no control
> over what happens to it.
> Everywhere I have worked, when a patch has issues it is better to "-1"
> to stop/delay the merge even (or particularly) on your own patches,
> but this is your playground so your rules.
> Anyway, I'll go back to working with the downstream tree (pull request
> for the full fix there) and stop bothering you.
>   Dave

i wasn't involved in this issue. But i wouldn't be happy if the
Foundation take care only of the downstream tree in the future.

So i would be happy if you or Michael could fix this issue properly.


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