4.10-rc3 rpi issues

Gerd Hoffmann kraxel at redhat.com
Wed Mar 15 01:09:57 PDT 2017


> Went and tried the same on a RPi3 with a 4.10 kernel without with MMC
> patches to see what the improvements are there in our current stable
> configuration to get a gauge of no DMA -> DMA -> new driver with DMA.
> With DMA loaded from the initrd I'm seeing exactly what you describe
> on the usb bus along with high CPU on the kernel mmcqd process. Don't
> appear to see that on 4.11 with the USB but only a little testing to
> date.

Ah, good.  Guess I'll just skip 4.10 then (easy given 4.9 is lts) and
look more closely how things are working on 4.11.  Didn't do much 4.11
testing yet either, other than basic boot-testing after rebasing the mmc
patch series v4.


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