[RFC PATCH] sound: bcm2835-analog-audio: Add driver for bcm2835(Raspberry PI) headphone jack.

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Wed Mar 8 14:27:02 PST 2017

Michael Zoran <mzoran at crowfest.net> writes:

> Someone on the internet mentioned that if we have a HDMI Audio driver, why not
> have a driver for the headphone/analog jack on the Raspberry PI that doesn't
> use the firmware.  So I quickly make up a prototype that isn't submit quality 
> yet, but is very functional.  The idea is to like the firmware, just use the
> PWM of the bcm2835 to generate the audio.
> Questions:
> 1. Is this something that people would want in the upstream kernel and
> would be seriously considered for submission?

I'm certainly interested -- the more we can take over from the closed
source stack, the better Linux on the Raspberry Pi will be.

Make sure you use standard DT properties for describing the DMA channel,
add your new compatible string to pwm-bcm2835.txt, and document that
that compat string requires the DMA properties.

> 2. Is it a complete deal breaker that the driver is a regular ALSA driver 
> instead of a ASoC driver?

I don't think so.  I think the goal of ASoC is to provide utilities that
make your SoC ALSA drivers smaller.
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