Status of V5 patch for vc04_services ioctl wrappers.

Michael Zoran mzoran at
Wed Mar 8 12:09:19 PST 2017

Hi Greg,

I noticed the small camera change that I submitted went in right away,
but I didn't hear anything about the vc04_services ioctl wrapper

Is it essentially pending review? 

I fixed most of the remaining issues that people had, added more
comments to clarify assumptions, and added the Kconfig option to
enable/disable support for memory dumping which I believe is only
needed by vcdbg(closed source diagnostic tool for videocore).

It would be nice to get this vc04_services issue closed.  The only
other remaining issue for getting a fully functional ARM64 port on the
RPI 3 is the camera, which I'm working on now.

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