[PATCH] serial: 8250: Fix THRE flag usage for CAP_MINI

Phil Elwell phil at raspberrypi.org
Tue Jun 27 03:30:12 PDT 2017

On 27/06/2017 10:15, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
> On Mon, 2017-06-26 at 16:15 +0100, Phil Elwell wrote:
>>> But this looks like a bug / quirk than a capability?
>>> It would be better to name this define more self-explaining.
>>> Btw can't see the definition of UART_CAP_MINI?
>> The capability was added in d087e7a991f1f61ee2c07db1be7c5cc2aa373f5d,
>> which
>> is in linux-next. Given that the "capability" already exists and the
>> quirk
>> is likely to be unique to BCM2835 MINI UART, I don't think we should
>> create
>> a new quirk.
>> Besides, the "HFIFO" capability looks a lot like quirk to me.
> To me either, which raises a question "Should it be fixed accordingly?"

If I was going to make these quirks, are we simply talking about renaming the
capability or is there another mechanism? I've found the 8250_pci quirks, and
they look quite different.

I'm also happy to make this code conditional on CONFIG_SERIAL_8250_BCM2835AUX
if that is more acceptable.

Phil (still hoping to lose newb status one day)

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