AW: AW: AW: AW: Strange RPi USB Audio Issue

Arne Caspari arne at
Sat Nov 12 13:21:15 PST 2016

Am 12.11.2016 22:10:04 schrieb(en) Michael Zoran:
> Are you using the same audio player application in both environments
> with exactly the same settings?  Perhaps one environment is using ALSA
> and the other is using pulseaudio?

Yes, the test setting is the same. In both cases the audio backend is  
the Jack audio server, started with the same command line in both  
cases. I even copied the binaries over to my environment to make sure  
the setup is the same. Jack is fed with a simple gstreamer pipeline,  
again with the same command line in both cases.

And this is exactly my problem: Everything seems to be the same, yet  
both systems act differently. I just do not see what might cause the  


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