Raspberry Pi 3 status update

Eric Anholt eric at anholt.net
Wed Jun 15 14:48:38 PDT 2016

Hey folks.  This is a heads up that I'm going to be on vacation until
July 2nd.  I'll be really slow at getting back on feedback and won't
have all the resources I usually do for reviewing.  I'm still hoping to
send out pull requests to Florian soon, since it sounds like he needs
them before the 2nd.

As far as our status, the Pi 3 is approaching being ready for 4.8.
Today I've merged the Kconfig changes, so in -next tomorrow you'll be
able to build an arm64 Pi 3 image by enabling all the BCM2835 bits.  The
next steps I see that we need for Pi3:

- Build a new arm64 defconfig patch taking into account Arnd's feedback
  (https://patchwork.kernel.org/patch/9151913/).  Feel free to take
  authorship on the patch if you do.

- Update the sdhost driver for Arnd and Rob's feedback

- Write a new GPIO driver using the firmware's GET_GPIO_STATE and
  SET_GPIO_STATE calls.  This won't be able to control direction (not
  that I think there's anything on the expander that we'd want to set
  direction for), but it'll give us access to the HDMI HPD pin necessary
  for graphics.

- Consider "ARM: bcm2385: Don't force pl011 onto pins 14/15" from my
  bcm2837-64-next branch

- Work on debugging why sdhci-iproc.c doesn't work for the wifi but
  bcm2835-mmc.c does.
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