[PATCH v6 0/22] usb: dwc2: host: Fix and speed up all the stuff, especially with splits

Doug Anderson dianders at chromium.org
Wed Feb 3 10:23:58 PST 2016


On Tue, Feb 2, 2016 at 3:57 PM, John Youn <John.Youn at synopsys.com> wrote:
> On 1/28/2016 6:20 PM, Douglas Anderson wrote:
>> This is a bit of catchall series for all the bug fix and performance
>> patches I've been working on over the last few months.  Note that for
>> dwc2 we need to do LOTS in software and need super low interrupt
>> latency, so most performance improvements actually fix real bugs.
>> Patches are structured to start with no-brainer stuff that could be
>> applied ASAP, especially things I've already gotten Acks for.  Things
>> get slightly more RFC / RFT like as we get farther down the series.
>> Anything that can be landed sooner rather than later (especially those
>> Acked long ago) would help in re-posts (I'm not biased, of course).
> Hi Doug,
> I've yet to review this, but just wanted to let you know that we've
> started on it and also testing. We'll get back to you with some
> feedback and results soon.
> We had also been looking at some of these same and related issues so
> we want to make sure everything we've done is compatible with your
> changes and is still working ok too.

Great, thanks for the reply.  It's very helpful to know that you're
looking at it even if you haven't had time to do a full review yet.

Note: if any of my patches are wrong or redundant to patches that
you've developed and tested, I'm happy to take your patches instead.

Note that patches 1 - 11 have already landed in our tree and thus are
getting additional exposure and testing.  IMHO those are all ready for
prime time.  Assuming there are no huge issues, it would be handy if
those 11 patches landed as-is (or almost as-is), but that's just me
being selfish so I don't need to revert / reland new versions.  :-P

Also note that the period of time where I can devote this much time to
dwc2 is coming soon to an end since I have to go on to work on other
things.  If there are major issues or easy fixes I will certainly be
able to help with those things (I'll still be around), but I won't be
able to devote days to tracking down weird problems or testing
rewrites.  ;-)


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