[PATCH 1/2] spi: bcm2835: add spi-bcm2835aux driver for the auxiliar spi1 and spi2

Stefan Wahren info at lategoodbye.de
Wed Jul 29 22:36:47 PDT 2015

Hi Martin,

Am 29.07.2015 um 23:16 schrieb Martin Sperl:
>> On 29.07.2015, at 18:37, Stefan Wahren <info at lategoodbye.de> wrote:
>> Hi Martin,
>>> Am 28.07.2015 um 12:48 schrieb Martin Sperl:
>>>> On 28.07.2015 08:18, Martin Sperl wrote:
>>>> Hi Stephen!
>>>> But the bigger question you have not answered is: “where should such an
>>>> auxiliar driver go in the kernel tree?” i.e. which directory?
>>> One thing: could the "module" be a regulator?
>> IMHO that won't be acceptable.
> Why would it not be acceptable?

first of all, sorry i didn't follow this thread in every detail. My 
intention was to give you some ideas. I'm a not maintainer.

IMU a regulator is a hardware part who controls voltage or current.

Does it apply in your case?

Any question: would a user expect this function in the regulator framework?

Regards Stefan

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