Thu Dec 17 01:45:42 PST 2015


I apologize for the inconvenience that my mail could cause you. Indeed I am French Monsieur Scaroni Roberto. 
Following a faintness during which I went to the hospital recently, my DOCTOR let me know that suffered from the pernicious evil.
The diagnosis revealed that I suffered from very advanced cancer of throat, and that I shall live no more than 3 months.
In view of my present situation and having no heir, I decided to donate my fortune which amounts to 2.000.000 $ in a church, an organization or a third person who will give me the guarantee to use this sum and to make a good use salt  one my instructions. 
My most burning wish is that 40 % this sum is to use for orphanages, widows. 
That this slavish sum of support in God's works and contributes to it in the distribution of its word and its divine recommendations. I have of to make this decision for the simple reason that I have no child who can inherit from this money and my wife are  died it makes already two years.
So I owe respect the will of my deceased marry, so that these funds(collections) are not used for insane works.

I would not like(love) either that this sum is used in a impure way, that is why I made this decision. I am not either afraid of dying, because I know that where I go, I shall be in the breast of the Lord and his good grace(favor) " Exodus 14 AGAINST 1 > 4 " says that " the man will fight with his fate and will be in the peace of the Lord.
Everything is possible with God. 
>From the moment I shall receive your agreement and your answer I shall communicate with you the contact of the Bank and my administrator. 
I shall also deliver you a Certificate of deposit which will prove that you are the present beneficiary of these funds(collections).

I would also want that you and the church or the organization pray for me because the Lord is my shepherd. 
My happiness is to have lived a life of deserving Christian and whoever wants to serve the Lord has to make him(it) in the spirit and the Truth. 
Please be devoted always till the end of your life. 
Please get in touch with me that you will act according to my will. 
To receive from you an immediate answer in my mailbox, receive the expression of my distinguished feelings.
That the Lord blesses you.

Mr Scaroni Roberto

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