[PATCH] ARM: bcm2835: add device tree for Raspberry Pi model B+

Stephen Warren swarren at wwwdotorg.org
Wed Oct 29 09:40:22 PDT 2014

On 10/29/2014 03:07 AM, Matthias Klein wrote:
> Am 29.10.2014 um 02:33 schrieb Stephen Warren:
>> On 10/27/2014 06:52 PM, Matthias Klein wrote:
>>> The model B and B+ differ in the GPIO lines for ACT and PWR led.
>>> The PWR led on the B+ model is active low.
>> This new file is almost identical to bcm2835-rpi.dts. Perhaps we can use
>> some include files to share the common portions so they aren't
>> duplicated. Roughly:
>> * Move all the common content from bcm2835-rpi.dts into bcm2835-rpi.dtsi.
>> * Update bcm2835-rpi.dts to include bcm2835-rpi.dtsi to get all the
>> common parts, and add the few lines of differences.
>> * Update this patch similarly.
>> Does that make sense?
> Yes, I will work on such a patchset.
>> A couple changes to this patch and the existing bcm2835-rpi.dts might
>> reduce the differences even further, leading to more common code in
>> bcm2835-rpi.dtsi:
>> - Add the PWR LED to bcm2835-rpi-b.dts, if appropriate.
>> - Add the I2S pinmux settings for B+ too.
>>> diff --git a/arch/arm/boot/dts/bcm2835-rpi-b-plus.dts
>>> b/arch/arm/boot/dts/bcm2835-rpi-b-plus.dts
>> ...
>>> +&mmc {
>> That label doesn't exist; it should be &sdhci. Consequently:
> Sorry, I based my patch on the wrong tree. I used
> https://github.com/pietrushnic/rpi-dt-linux/tree/rpi-3.17.y which
> contains non upstream commits.
> Which tree should I use in general for work on the BCM2835? Is
> linux-next the right tree?

linux-next would usually work.

The most recent Linus kernel would also often be a good base, or perhaps 
any recent branch (of which there are none at present) in:

which will hopefully soon move to:

Which you pick depends on things like how many other patches touch the 
same files, and which branches/repos they were applied in, and what 
conflicts/dependencies exist.

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