[Q] USB is very slow. Is this a known bug?

Ezequiel Garcia elezegarcia at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 11:00:32 EDT 2012

On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 5:37 PM, Greg KH <greg at kroah.com> wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 22, 2012 at 05:25:33PM -0300, Ezequiel Garcia wrote:
>> > Yes, the hardware is broken, the drivers are broken, and I would not
>> > recommend anyone wanting to do any real USB data transfers to use this
>> > platform at all.  Seriously.  Go complain to Broadcom if you want to see
>> > this fixed, they are the ones with the specs that we can not get access
>> > to.
>> >
>> Mmmm, I see.
>> For some reason (cheapness? crazyness?)
>> there are a few users out there wanting to do video streaming
>> with their rpi and they want to use stk1160 devices.
>> Thus my question.
> The answer is, "It will not work, buy a beaglebone or something real if
> you wish to do that."
>> I don't want to bother you asking: what do you mean by "hw is broken",
> Just that, the USB controller in this board can not handle this type of
> throughput.  If anyone doubts me, please show me the chip specs that
> show me otherwise (yes, this is a ploy to get the specs from Broadcom,
> but nothing else seems to work...)
>> "drivers are broken"?
> The USB driver code is horrible, really really horrible.  Seriously,
> it's so bad that no one will touch it, myself included.

I've started looking into that usb code. I agree it's not the
handsomest driver around...

Could point me a usb host driver **similar** enough to start a
massive refactoring effort?

Instead of "fixing" the current driver, I'd rather start another one
from scratch.

It could be a nice learning experience, and who knows!
maybe in a few months I can come up with something sane.



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