Problems about NIC, PCIe and usb on RK3568 EVB

Michael Riesch michael.riesch at
Wed Apr 19 03:18:05 PDT 2023

Hi Doug,

On 4/19/23 07:47, Doug Brewer wrote:
> [...]
>>>>>>> On 4/13/23 07:55, Doug Brewer wrote:
>>>>>>>> Hi,
>>>>>>>> I tested Linux kernel 6.3-rc6 on my rk3568 evaluation board, it seems there
>>>>>>>> are problems with Ethernet, PCIe and usb devices.

PCIe is addressed in a separate thread. As to USB, everything in the log
seems to be normal -- at least the root hubs should show up in lsusb.
Please add the output of lsusb for the sake of completeness.
>>>>>>>> First, NICs doesn't work.
> [...]
>>>>>>>> mdio_bus stmmac-1: MDIO device at address 0 is missing.
Can you try setting CONFIG_REALTEK_PHY=m to CONFIG_REALTEK_PHY=y in your

> [...]
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