[PATCH v2 0/4] phy: rockchip-typec: Set "flip" properly; some cleanups; fix swing

Kishon Vijay Abraham I kishon at ti.com
Thu Sep 21 03:36:49 PDT 2017

Hi Douglas,

On Wednesday 20 September 2017 01:26 AM, Douglas Anderson wrote:
> When connecting to certain DP monitors it was observed that only one
> of the two orientations of the type C to DP cable would work.
> Debugging showed that the problem was that we needed to set the type C
> "flip" state earlier.  Once we did this, problems went away.
> While trying to dig into this problem and some others, I found that
> the proper documentation for the Type C PHY was available to me.  This
> allowed me to cleanup the magic numbers in the funtion that I was
> touching and also fix a few minor issues that (luckily) haven't caused
> any problems yet.
> I also found that aux channel communications were flaky on some
> adapters until I adjusted the voltage swing.

>From the commit log, looks like only the 1st and 4th patch are fixes. Only
those can go in -rc cycle. But I can't apply the 4th patch without the 2nd and
3rd patch.

Can you resend the series such that 2nd and 3rd patch apply on top of 1st and
4th patch?


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