[PATCH 4/4] ARM: dts: rockchip: Point rk3288 dwc2 usb at the full PHY reset

Sergei Shtylyov sergei.shtylyov at cogentembedded.com
Mon Aug 22 03:30:01 PDT 2016


On 8/21/2016 3:19 PM, ayaka wrote:

>>> The "host1" port (AKA the dwc2 port that isn't the OTG port) on rk3288
>>> has a hardware errata that causes everything to get confused when we get
>>> a remote wakeup.  We'll use the reset that's in the CRU to reset the
>>> port when it's in a bad state.
>>> Note that we add the reset to both dwc2 controllers even though only one
>>> has the errata in case we find some other use for this reset that's
>>> unrelated to the current hardware errata.  Only the host port gets the
>>> quirk property, though.
>>> This patch came from Doug Anderson <dianders at chromium.org> originally.
>>    Was it signed off by him? Don't you need to keep his authorship via th
>> "From:" tag?

> I would rather the idea comes from him, but the implementation is different. I

    Then write exactly that. Because now it sounds like the patch itself was 
originated from him.

> don't which tag would be
> better? If the "From:" would be the best choice. I would resend the last two
> patches.

    There's also "Suggested-by:" tag which might fit here.

>>> Signed-off-by: Randy Li <ayaka at soulik.info>

MBR, Sergei

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