[PATCH v3 1/2] drm/bridge: dw-hdmi: support optional supply regulators

Russell King - ARM Linux linux at arm.linux.org.uk
Tue Jun 9 16:36:18 PDT 2015

On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 01:29:43AM +0200, Heiko Stübner wrote:
> Allthough from the discussion and explanations I've now also got the "don't 
> make it worse" feeling, so am somehow reluctant to add supplies that also 
> might describe this inadequately.
> The Rockchip-specific documentation only lists the two supplies as AVDD_1V0, 
> AVDD_1V8 with a description of "DC supply voltage for Analog part of HDMI".
> The supplies aren't mentioned otherwise at all, so I guess I'll ponder this a 
> bit more at first.

Are they controllable from software at all?  If they aren't, then
I'd suggest leaving them out until we have a distinction between
the Tx and Phy - much as we do for iMX6.

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