[PATCH] docs/zh_CN: add translations in zh_CN/dev-tools/kasan

Wu X.C. bobwxc at email.cn
Wed Jun 2 01:06:18 PDT 2021

On Wed, Jun 02, 2021 at 02:30:14PM +0800, Jiabing Wan wrote:
> >> +
> >> +软件 KASAN 模式(#1 和 #2)使用编译时工具在每次内存访问之前插入有效性检查,
> >Delete the spaces before and after KASAN, these spaces don't look good
> >inside the html.
> I'll fix them,thank you.
> BTW, how about other English words, like "SLUB", "free"?
> It seems most english word in this document are surround with spaces...

Now we don't add spaces between Chinese and English.
It is easy to add spaces, but hard to remove someday ;)
I think the "space" should be resolved by format control like CSS or
xeCJK (yes, latex's xeCJK will control such space).

Wu X.C.
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