Accessing CF Memory Card in True-IDE Mode

kiran vedere vederekiran at
Thu Apr 9 11:14:25 EDT 2009


I am working on enabling Compact Flash for an ARM Platform whose CF
controller supports True-IDE Mode. I am using the existing
drivers/ata/pata_platform.c generic driver to register the Memory
Mapped IO/CTRL Registers and IRQ Number to access the card in True-IDE
PIO Mode. However when I plug in the CF Memory card into the CF
Socket, I found that for some CF Cards (Kingston Digital Memory Card)
the IDE registration fails with "ata1.01: NODEV after polling
detection" error  while for some cards (Sandisk CF Memory Card) even
though the registration is successful, it fails later after the SCSI
device initialisation. Attached is a log.

The CF Specification says that the CF Storage Card should be able to
work in all three modes: PC ATA Memory, PC ATA IO and True-IDE Mode.
Any idea what could be the cause of issue?
Don't all CF Cards support True-IDE Mode. Can I use only specific CF
cards in True-IDE Mode?

Thanks in advance.

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