Dell Inspiron 5150 PCMCIA troubles

Peter Stuge stuge-linux-pcmcia at
Mon Sep 1 08:31:59 EDT 2008

Alex Buell wrote:
> I'd like to report a problem with my Dell Inspirion 5150. Inserting a
> PCMCIA cardbus card causes a freeze, everything just locks up solidly.

Unfortunately this problem description does not have very much
helpful information with regard to finding the problem. :\

Please try several different cardbus cards.

Please try setting up a serial console in the hope that you can get
some useful error messages from the kernel on card insertion.

> Gentoo Linux on this laptop, release 2.6.25-gentoo-r7.

Please also try syncing portage and emerging the latest sources.
Please try both gentoo-sources and vanilla-sources.

Until you've confirmed the same behavior with vanilla-sources I don't
think anyone on the list will put much effort into the problem.


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