PCMCIA ioctl

Mark Asselstine asselsm at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 11:45:58 EDT 2008

Hi Dominik,

After looking at feature-removal-schedule.txt while doing some kernel
janitor work I noticed that the PCMCIA ioctl was set for removal back
in 2005 and that the kconfig was marked as obsolete along with printk
warning people not to use the ioctl... So I was preparing to remove
this but I notice you have recent commits related to the ioctl and so
I want to run things by you first. Is this ioctl still being used? or
should it be removed? I have attached a patch for Linus' tree but of
course I would have to rework this against the PCMCIA tree. Anyways
let me know, if I am better off spending time on something else that I
will do. If you do want this gone let me know and as I say I will
rework the patch to apply against the proper tree.

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