[PATCH 1/3] Improve type handling in interrupt handlers

Rusty Russell rusty at rustcorp.com.au
Fri Jan 18 17:11:14 EST 2008

On Saturday 19 January 2008 07:41:41 Jeff Garzik wrote:
> You should be using irq_handler_t for all these.

Well, these are your drivers, but for mine I dislike the obfuscation.

It's not like you can declare the function itself to be an irq_handler_t, so 
it's a strange turd to drop in a driver.

> (Coincedentally, doing so makes it easier for me to later on remove the 
> almost-never-used 'irq' argument from all irq handlers)

Slightly, but the compiler would tell you if you miss one, so I don't think 
this is real.


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