linux-pcmcia Digest, Vol 54, Issue 8

Gerald Willmann gerald.willmann at
Wed Sep 19 03:03:56 EDT 2007

> From: Peter Stuge <stuge-linux-pcmcia at>
> Subject: Re: speedstream wlan card
> It is polite to keep the discussion on the mailing list.

Hi Peter:  sorry for that - opted for the daily digest when signing up and 
wasn't sure how to reply a single message, but here goes ...

> It requires making a one line addition to the driver source code.
> If you don't think you can do it all on your own I'd be happy to make
> a patch for you - which you could apply to your kernel sources and
> after a rebuild of your kernel and reboot/driver reload the driver
> should bind to the card.

I've installed the source and found the corresponding line.
Will either modify it or duplicate/modify it and see that I get it 
compiled and running.  Seems that debian allows you to do this via 
make-kpkg which should help.  Will report back whether it works once
I've found the time - hopefully next week.
 						many thanks,  Gerald

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