3c574 NIC support with recent 2.6 kernels.

cga2000 cga2000 at optonline.net
Sun Feb 4 17:49:28 EST 2007

On Sun, Feb 04, 2007 at 04:20:33PM EST, Larry Finger wrote:
> cga2000 wrote:
> > I have an old laptop with a 3Com nic/modem combo PC card that works
> > fine with 2.4 kernels.
> > 
> > $ cardctl ident
> > 
> > Socket 0:
> >   product info: "3Com", "Megahertz 3CCFEM556", "LAN + 56k Modem", ""
> >   manfid: 0x0101, 0x0556
> >   function: 0 (multifunction)
> > 
> > Recent distros that I have tried to install and a few live CD's are
> > unable to detect the presence of an ethernet card on this laptop 
> > even after I load the 3c564_cs module manually.
> > 
> > Since I have tried at least a dozen of the above and keep running into
> > the same problem, my guess is that support for this model has been
> > dropped from pcmcia with recent 2.6 kernels. 
> > 
> > Is anyone aware of a workaround for this problem -- even if it means
> > buying a different pc card -- or does this mean that I need to purchase
> > a new laptop with a regular PCI NIC..?

> I cannot help you with your current 3Com card; however, I do have a
> solution that is a lot cheaper than a new laptop. Roughly one year
> ago, I needed to upgrade a 10 Mbs PCMCIA card to 100 Mbs. After some
> research on suitable cards with Linux drivers, I settled on the Uniden
> PCN300 card, which sells for $20 - 25. It uses the in-kernel 8139too
> driver and has worked just fine for me.

Hmm.. what kernel are you running..?  I do have another PCMCIA nic from
Netgear .. if I can locate it  .. 16 bit I think .. and I could give
that a try.

The problem I have with switching back and forth just for a quick test
is that this a cable-modem setup and my ISP check the nic's mac address
to make sure you are legit .. so if you switch to a different nic you
have to call them and say you bought a new computer or something ..
otherwise they won't let you through ..



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