PCMCIA / compact flash / au1x00

Aeschbacher, Fabrice Fabrice.Aeschbacher at siemens.com
Mon Apr 23 03:22:53 EDT 2007


> > Moreover, 'pccardctl status' display the subdevice 0 as 'unbound'
> > (should be 'bound', I imagine):
> Yes. Perhaps the CF device id isn't added to the pcmcia_pata 
> and/or ide-cs drivers. I don't know exactly how to retrieve 
> the number, but I think it's all covered in 
> /usr/src/linux/Documentation/pcmcia/
> If the kernel driver doesn't know about the id, userspace 
> tools are required for reading the card CIS and then for 
> starting it up.

By userspace tools, do you mean 'pcmcia-socket-startup', or something


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