PCMCIA and New External HD

Matthias Wenzel linux-pcmcia at mazzoo.de
Thu Nov 16 10:27:36 EST 2006

Paulo J. Matos wrote:

> Any ideas of what can I do? Or what the problem might be?

Sounds more like a USB power-supply problem.
Do USB2.0 Memory Sticks work on that card? If yes it's another hint that 
the HDD draws too much power from the PCMCIA/USB2 card.

Nitpicking: Note that both USB2 and PCMCIA are specified with a max of 
500mA @5V, so a PCMCIA/USB2 card cannot exist by specification.
Sometimes the external HDDs allow a 2nd USB cable to be used just as 
power supply, either try that, or try to supply the HDD from somewhere 
else, or return it.


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