Please Help!!!

Erdenebayar Buriad bayar at
Mon May 22 06:30:56 EDT 2006

Hi, I think you need to install Host AP linux driver for Intersil Prism 2/3.


But , First please check that system detection of your wireless card using 
"# cardctl ident" and "lspci" (not only cardctl config).
If system detect it properly, you can use host AP.

May be you need compile the kernel. !!!
But, If you can please send me information after "# cardctl ident" and 
"lspci" and dmesg.

Good luck

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Subject: Please Help!!!

> Hello, I currently have an IBM 570e thinkpad, and a Senao wireless card 
> using prism2 chipset. When I plug the card in, I get an error with the 
> computer trying to assign a "memory_cs" module to the card instead of a 
> "prism2_cs" module. Plus when I do a cardctl config, it says that the card 
> is sending 3.3v to all stats so it looks like: Vcc 3.3v Vpp1 3.3v Vpp2 
> 3.3v. The card should actually look like: Vcc 3.3v Vpp1 0.0v Vpp2 0.0v. If 
> you could offer any direction whatsoever, it would be much appreciated. 
> Thank You
> Chris
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