Please Help!!!

Christopher David Vanvuren vanvure4 at
Sun May 21 13:15:57 EDT 2006

Hello, I currently have an IBM 570e thinkpad, and a Senao wireless card 
using prism2 chipset. When I plug the card in, I get an error with the 
computer trying to assign a "memory_cs" module to the card instead of a 
"prism2_cs" module. Plus when I do a cardctl config, it says that the card 
is sending 3.3v to all stats so it looks like: Vcc 3.3v Vpp1 3.3v Vpp2 3.3v. 
The card should actually look like: Vcc 3.3v Vpp1 0.0v Vpp2 0.0v. If you 
could offer any direction whatsoever, it would be much appreciated. Thank 


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