driver development

Joern Wuestenfeld j.wuestenfeld at
Mon Mar 21 10:44:19 EST 2005

Hi folk's,

I'm having a problem porting a driver from kernel 2.4 to 2.6. It is 
based on the serial_cs driver, and the problem is now, that under kernel 
2.6.10 in the driver_config function the call to first_tuple fails. I 
get an message "ParseTuple: Bad CIS Tuple".
What could be the source of this problem?

The driver is for PCMCIA ltmodems! There is urgent requests to get it 

The system is:

Samsung X10plus 1600
Intel P4M 1600 MHz
Ricoh RL5c476 Cardbus bridge
Intel ICH4 chipset.

I know that the PCMCIA system is working on the machine, a ne2000 
network card was operational under 2.6.10!

Hope that someone can give me a hint...


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