PCMCIA issues ---> cs: unable to map card memory 0x1000!

Dominik Brodowski linux at dominikbrodowski.net
Wed Feb 9 15:13:14 EST 2005


On Tue, Feb 08, 2005 at 05:40:51PM +0100, Mathieu Bertrand wrote:
>         Memory behind bridge: c4000000-c8ffffff
>         Prefetchable memory behind bridge: 00000000c0000000-00000000c3f00000

>         Memory window 0: c0000000-c1fff000 (prefetchable)
>         Memory window 1: c4000000-c5fff000

>         Memory window 0: c2000000-c3fff000 (prefetchable)
>         Memory window 1: c6000000-c7fff000

> include port 0x00000000-0x00000fff, port 0x00001000-0x00001fff
> include port 0x00002000-0x00002fff, port 0x00003000-0x00003fff
> include memory 0xc0000000-0xc1ffffff, memory 0xc4000000-0xc5ffffff
> include memory 0xc2000000-0xc3ffffff, memory 0xc6000000-0xc7ffffff
> I don't really know what to do.

You need to make more iomem and ioport resources available. Especially some
which are _not_ used as Memory windows or I/O windows on the socket by
default. E.g. on my notebook's yenta sockets there is

Memory window 0: 30400000-307ff000 (prefetchable)
Memory window 1: 30800000-30bff000
I/O window 0: 00004000-000040ff
I/O window 1: 00004400-000044ff

but my /etc/pcmcia/config.opts does not even contain these resources:

include port 0x100-0x4ff, port 0x800-0x8ff, port 0xc00-0xcff
include memory 0xc0000-0xfffff
include memory 0xa0000000-0xa0ffffff, memory 0x60000000-0x60ffffff

Hope that helps,

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